School Day

These are the times of the school day:

Doors open 8.45 am
Morning school begins 8.55 am
Dinner hour 12.00 – 1.00 pm
Afternoon school ends 3.20 pm

These times represent teaching time apart from a 15 minute daily collective act of worship followed by a 15 minute break for all pupils in the morning. Infant pupils also have a short afternoon break.

Accidents and Illness

All first aid is carried out by school staff, therefore it is important to inform the school if your child has any allergies, illness etc. If your child has to take any type of medication, you must inform the class teacher by writing or in person.

In the case of an accident or illness which cannot be treated at school, we will make every effort to contact parents. If a parent cannot be contacted, a member of staff will then travel with your child to either the doctor or hospital. It is therefore important to give the school an emergency, up to date, contact telephone number.

Safety and Security

The school regards the safety and security of its staff and pupils as a high priority. During lesson time all exterior doors are shut. People requiring access to school are asked to ring a buzzer at the main door. Following confirmation of identity, visitors are admitted through a remote door lock button. Visitors and workmen are asked to sign a visitors book.

The school also has CCTV facilities to monitor the grounds and school entrances.