Federation Partnerships

Both schools in the Fells Federation operate in partnership with the wider school community, in order to optimise opportunities and benefits for all children, from the very youngest in Coniston CE Primary School’s Early Years through to those preparing to leave John Ruskin School at the end of Year 11.

Windermere Cluster Schools

This is a key partnership for Coniston Primary School, that is long established and integrated into school provision in a wide variety of ways. The consortium consists of nine primary schools that work closely together to provide numerous opportunities and benefits to children, staff, parents and governors of the schools involved.

Windermere Cluster Schools are:

Coniston CE Primary School
Ambleside CE Primary School
Grasmere CE Primary School
Langdale CE Primary School
Hawkshead Primary School
Goodly Dale Primary School
Staveley CE Primary School
St Martin and St Mary’s CE Primary School
St Cuthbert’s Primary School

South Lakes Rural Partnership (SLRP)

Both John Ruskin School and Coniston Primary School are pleased to be part of the South Lakes Rural Partnership which was formed in late 2012 to support primary and secondary schools in the south lakes area (outside Kendal) in their continued school improvement processes. Funding is received through grants and school subscriptions to employ a part-time executive officer and run projects for the 30+ schools involved in SLRP. A diverse range of projects, initiatives and services are currently in operation, all highly valued by member schools:

Family Support and Child Counselling Service;

Network Groups: for staff to share and develop good practice in specific subject areas, for example, Early Years, Special Educational Needs and Leadership;

Staff professional development and training: covering a wide variety of current issues and needs as determined by the member schools;

Peer Reviews: senior staff offer peer reviews to support ongoing school improvement;

Joint Projects: current projects include the Global Learning Programme and an arts project;

Procurement of Services: a number of contracts have been procured on behalf of member schools, resulting in significant economies and savings.

Carlisle Diocese

The Diocese of Carlisle : Growing Disciples

As a Church of England voluntary aided primary school, Coniston Primary School works closely with the Carlisle Diocese on a regular basis. Visit the Carlisle Diocese website by clicking here to find out more.

Cumbria Alliance of System Leaders (CASL)

Cumbria Alliance of System Leaders, initiated by Heads of Secondary Schools and Primary Schools, supported by Cumbria Local Authority, National College for School Leadership, Diocese and the University of Cumbria has set up a structure to take forward the vision set out in the 2010 White Paper “The Importance of Teaching”.
“We will make sure that schools are in control of their own improvement and make it easier for them to learn from one another”.