Years 5 & 6

Welcome to Class 4

Children in class 4 are taught by Miss Jones, Miss Wilson and Miss Fitzsimons.

Class 4 is made up of 23 amazing children who work with enthusiasm and enjoy their learning. Our children are kind and thoughtful and are very supportive of each other and our school community.

Our days are always busy as there is a great amount of work for Y5/6 to cover in their time in Class 4.
We begin our day with a Morning Work Activity which focuses on practising and consolidating our learning. We work on Maths, Spelling and English every morning.

Collective worship takes place every day and we have many visitors who come to share their collective worship with us.
We begin our afternoons with 15 minutes spelling and reading time which gives our children opportunities to explore books, enjoy new vocabulary and develop their understanding of different texts through reading new authors and different genres.

In the afternoons over a week the children study the wider curriculum subjects, building on their learning from previous years. These include Geography, History, Science, Art, DT and RE. French and Music are taught by specialist teachers from our Federated Secondary School. PE is led by Miss Beaumont and we have many visiting sports coaches as well.

Our children take part in a Residential Visit every year and they will visit Bewerley Park Outdoor Education Centre and take part in a City Visit to Manchester during their time in Class 4. We also organise day visits and visitors to support our learning.