Years 3 & 4

Welcome to Mrs Mellor’s Class

Spring Term

Years 3-4 Morning Timetable

Years 3-4 Literacy

Last half term we learnt about adventure and mystery stories and diaries and newspaper report’s.

This half term we will be learning about stories from other cultures and the Silk Road journey.

We will be writing instruction (non fiction) and our ICT work will be linked with these topics.

Years 3-4 Mathematics

Last half term we looked at fractions, decimals, problem solving and multiplication tables.

Year 3 looked at X2,X5 and X10.

Year 4 looked at X3 and X4.

This half term we will be looking at problem solving, measures (including length, weight and area) and data handling.

Friday afternoon music: Cello and Violin

Years 4,5 and 6 Afternoon Timetable


We will be learning about Water and Weather around the World.


We will be looking at Solids, ‘Liquids and how they can be separated’, ‘Gases around Us’ and ‘Changing state’ (Topics are related to children’s particular age ranges).


Last half term the theme was ‘Journeys’ and included mixed media collage studying the work of Paul Klee.

This half term we will be looking at and using texture and textiles in our work.

Physical Education

With Mr Fletcher Multi skills on Thursdays.