For Reception to Year 6, we have adopted the Cumbria Education Service General Admissions Policy (which is available in school). In line with this policy we accept all rising five year olds at the beginning of the school year (in September) in which they are five, that means that many children are able to start school when they are aged four plus. Children are not admitted earlier than this except by the recommendation of the County Educational Psychologist. Our standard admission number is 14 but this may be exceeded in certain circumstances.

Children who are disabled are welcome to apply for a place at Coniston CE Primary School. The school, in conjunction with the LA (Local Authority), would need to assess a child’s needs in relation to the physical layout of the school. Changes in terms of stair and classroom access may be needed. Information regarding their particular current and long term needs is required at the time of their application. The governors will discuss the application to see whether the school’s facilities are able to meet the child’s needs. Full assessment of the needs of the child will take place, and consideration will be given as to whether these can be met. The school will endeavour to ensure that pupils with disabilities are not treated less favourably than other pupils. The school aims to comply with the requirements of the Special Needs and Disability Act 2001.