Mission Statement

‘Be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.’ Joshua 1:9

Coniston Church of England Primary School is a welcoming, supportive school rooted in faith and love where everyone flourishes through the Christian values of service, stewardship, respect and perseverance.

Learning together within our school family, our community and God’s wider world, we draw inspiration from our beautiful, awe inspiring Lakeland setting.


‘Through their personal character development and learning opportunities, our children will be able to demonstrate service to others’.

In the school community we join together to celebrate being part of a Church of England School. We promote and value pupil voice through the School Council, Coniston Worship Committee, acts of collective worship and singing.

The local community share with us their skills, friendship, knowledge, faith and support to enrich our school.

We enable children to contribute to the wider community in ways that develop the whole school and the individual child.

Our curriculum will enable students to deliver service through development of wider skills, knowledge and understanding in the full suite of national curriculum subjects.


‘Be caring and appreciative of their personal development and their school, community and wider world environments’.

We enable our students to develop their individual talents and gifts to achieve their personal best.

We ensure we make opportunities for our children to enjoy and learn from our beautiful Lakeland setting.

We ensure classroom experiences and the wider curriculum inspire children to take responsibility for the world. We encourage children to question, challenge and find solutions for local and global issues.


‘To achieve core knowledge and understanding to enable our children to respect others and be respected themselves’.

We regularly use speaking and listening as part of learning in order that our children are effective communicators with an extensive vocabulary. We encourage precision in the use of language and speaking in an appropriate manner with awareness of different audiences.

We ensure that children have experience of and exposure to challenging texts. We encourage them to apply their reading and writing skills and use of ambitious vocabulary across the curriculum. Equally, to communicate their ideas effectively; and again being aware of the audience purpose and form as they write. We encourage children to produce accurate, organised texts that show understanding of concepts taught.

We encourage children to apply their mathematical knowledge, understanding and skills in other curriculum areas and to real life problems where appropriate.

We develop an appreciation of the wider world and its diversity. We provide a variety of opportunities and experiences through the curriculum, visits and visitors.

Children are respected for their developing knowledge, understanding, creativity and imagination and the wisdom they demonstrate.


‘Be aspirational and have stamina to work towards challenging goals’.

We encourage all children to have a positive learning attitude, to be self-motivated, to be confident to have a go and to ask questions.

We ensure we build in assessment opportunities in sequences of learning to allow children to make progress and improve. We encourage all children to respond positively to feedback and assessment, thinking about what they have learnt and their next steps.

We ensure that children are aware of the learning in a unit of work so they can follow the learning journey.